Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Ultimate Seventies Cliché

Well, I had to do this in Inkscape sooner or later, and this morning I had three quarters of an hour spare and I couldn't resist it any longer.

I only ever used to get Spangles in that netting Christmas stocking that Mars used to do. It always had a board game on the back with a hexagonal spinner thing you had to cut out and put a match through to use instead of a dice.

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I used to find the Old English Spangles absolutely disgusting as a child - trying to eat a whole packet was probably the closest I'll ever get to a bush-tucker trial - but I'm sure I'd love them now.


Richard Logue said...

Do you know how much we pined for Spangles in 70's Ireland? They were the holy grail of sweets - curiously not available in the Republic, only in the North. On my occasional trips through Northern Ireland in the 70s I used to buy packets of this fizzy contraband and flog 'em shamelessly in the school yard when I got back home!

Kecske said...

I must admit I'm shocked - perhaps it was the general aversion down south to all things orange or "Old English".